Why Use Sanding Sealer? January 07 2014

Applying sanding sealer is a vital step in finishing high-quality furniture and trim. Sanding sealer gives an added layer of protection to the wood and creates a nice smooth finish. It can be used on stained or unstained wood. Staining or leaving the wood natural is your first step in finishing. The second step of the 3-step process is a sanding sealer to create a stronger, longer-lasting finish. Aqua Coat  "X-119" Sanding Sealer makes a heavily grained wood smooth to the touch. Using 2 coats of sanding sealer creates an even smoother finish. Sanding sealers fill and raise the wood grain, creating a rough, gritty feel. After the wood is sanded with a fine grit sandpaper, it is ready for the 3rd and final step--a clear, non-yellowing top coat, which you can find in Aqua Coat’s full top coat line.