Attention DIYers!! See how this DIYer saved thousands of dollars on this kitchen transformation. March 16 2021

 “My kitchen cabinets are in great shape, but the honey oak wasn’t working for me. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a company to paint them for me, I decided to DIY. Aside from a new cabinet color, a smooth finish was also important to me for this upgrade. I used Aqua Coat White Cabinet Grain Filler. It was really easy to use and gave my cabinets new life! I bought the 1-quart size and even after 27 doors and 8 drawers, each with two coats, I still have some leftover. Products like this are what gives us DIYers the confidence to tackle big projects and feel proud of our work!”

 Thank you Lindsay for sending us pictures of this transformed kitchen using Aqua Coat products.  We are always looking to hear about new projects from customers.  Please send your pictures to so we can proudly display them for you.