Finessing Custom Built Furniture & Built-ins July 13 2016

One of the joys of woodworking is the ability to build yourself custom furniture to fit specific situations, as our customer David Buonanno did here in this guest bedroom.

The side tables and the built-in shelves and cupboards pictured here are curly maple (no stain), with three coats of Aqua Coat Clear Lacquer (semi-gloss) buffed to a sheen. The tables are 16” x 23” by 30” high. 

The bedroom has alcoves resulting from roof support beams that provide the perfect inspiration for the built-ins. David likes the light color of the curly maple, especially when this room only has one window. Living at the shore, his choice of a lighter wood color also brings in a more "beachy" feel. The granite counter tops are custom sized to fit in the space.

David estimates that the tables and built-ins took about two months working part-time hours.