Happy customer using Aqua Coat on these nightstands and desk December 29 2020

"Knotty Moon Design specializes in most anything wood...from custom kitchens to unique craft items.  Furniture is a passion.  Everything I build requires only the best materials....from the raw wood to the best hardware to the best finishing products.  In the 18 years I have been taking perfectly good boards and turning them into sawdust, I have used at least a half dozen clear water-based clear finishes.  Aqua Coat has the requirements that I look for in a top end semigloss clear finish...low odor, good shooting characteristics, good build, quick dry time, application in a wide temperature range, durable hardness, and easy "smoothability.  I use a top-line spray gun so why not use a top-line clear coat?"  


Thank you to Knotty Moon Designs for these images of the desk and nightstand using Aqua Coat Clear Lacquer. 


We are always looking to hear about new projects from customers.  Please send your pictures to sales@aquacoat.com so we can proudly display them for you.