WATER-BASED Aqua Tone Stains January 14 2021

Aqua Coat’s water-based Aqua Tone Stains will add color and beauty to your wood and give your project depth and vibrancy.  These stains can be used on any interior application and are made from the highest quality aniline dyes and pigments. Aqua Tone Stains can be brushed, wiped, sprayed, or dipped.

This fast-drying, non-bleeding, non-fading wood stain produces an even tone on all woods with low grain raise.  The stain is designed for use on all interior wood surfaces, cabinets, furniture, millwork, moldings, giftware, crafts, and all woodenware.

We have an infinite range of colors that can be made by mixing two or more Aqua Tone Stains and/or tinting colors.  All Aqua Tone Stains may be intermixed to produce custom colors.  Standard colors can be thinned with Aqua Tone Clear Stain Base to produce lighter stains. To prevent blotching (uneven absorption of the stain), you can also use our Aqua Coat Blotch Barrier.


  • Ready to use and easy water cleanup
  • Easy application by spraying, wiping, brushing or dipping
  • Formulated to use with HVLP spray systems
  • Finish solids and binders for added depth and color penetration
  • Easy intermixing to create custom colors
  • Adding Clear Stain Base creates lighter tones of all stain colors
  • Smooth even results with reduced blotching
  • Fast drying for quick top coating with any and all types of finishes
  • Low odor, low VOC, non-flammable, non-combustible


Aqua Tone Stains are offered in multiple sizes of our standard colors.  Shop Aqua Coat for more information.