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X-119 Aqua Coat Sanding Sealer

A clear, high-build sanding sealer for use under all Aqua Coat topcoats.

The purpose of sanding sealer is to seal the wood to prevent excessive penetration of the finish into wood pores. Aqua Coat Sanding Sealer X-119 stiffens and dries the thousands of tiny wood fibers to make them brittle. Our sanding sealer is non-stearated; improving clarity and hardness leaving a smooth surface. Final finish coats will stay on the surface and not be absorbed.

This product is ready to shoot. Clear, high-build, waterborne, low-VOC wood coating with superb adhesion and wet ability. Its easy-to-sand and building properties truly make this easy to use under all Aqua Coat Top Coats.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: A typical finish will require one to three coats of Sanding Sealer X-119, followed by one or two coats of any one of Aqua Coats Water-Based Clear Topcoats.  Due to the high solids content in the sealer, it will build as quickly as the topcoats.

Before spraying sanding sealer, stir and strain. The first application of sanding sealer should be applied as a very light dust coat. Allow 10 minutes dry time. Then spray another coat building to 1 to 1.5 mil thickness. This coat should have an evenly wet and glossy appearance. 

Because of the high solids and water content, Aqua Coat Water-Based Sanding Sealer X-119 is heavier and flows more slowly than solvent-based products. Even though it may appear that more finish should be sprayed, DON'T. Spraying more finish will result in a milky layer that will dry slowly and be the equivalent of four or more coats of lacquer. Allow the wet coat to dry 60-90 minutes. Most cabinet finishers allow sanding sealer to dry overnight. Sand lightly, remove dust by blowing or with a damp cloth.

*This product meets the Kitchen Cabinet Makers Association (KCMA) Standard

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