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Aqua Coat Blotch Barrier


$ 20.50


Aqua Coat Blotch Barrier holds down grain raise and controls the penetrations of stains in the wood substrate. This produces a uniform stain color on porous or soft wood and prevents stain blotching. The blotch barrier seals and stabilizes wood. For interior or exterior use.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Surface must be clean and dry (free from all dirt, oil, wax and polish). Nails and screws should be countersunk and filled with Aqua Coat Wood Putty. Sand the surface thoroughly with fine sandpaper and remove all dust with a vacuum, forced air or damp cloth (water).

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Spray, brush or wipe Blotch Barrier to cleaned, raw wood. A second coat of Blotch Barrier may be applied within 30 minutes. Allow 1 hour before staining with Aqua Tone Wood Stain.


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