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Aqua Coat Cross-Linker is a trifunctional azidirine crosslinker for waterborne and resins.

For use with Aqua-Thane Clear Top Coat if you want to further increase the physical properties of the finish and create a film that's as tough as nails. Pot life of the Cross-Linked top coat mix is about 1-2 days.



- Low VOC
- Crosslinks carboxyl functional polymers at room temperature - High reactivity
- 2-3% addition provides enhanced

Water and chemical resistance - Abrasion resistance
- Mar resistance
- Adhesion to specific substrates



- Aqua Coat CrossLinker should be added directly to the formulation prior to use
- For use in solvent or water based resins
- In water based formulations, the crosslinker mix should be used within 24 hours as it will slowly hydrolyse. The hydrolysed products have no adverse effects either on the wet emulsion or on the dried films but additional crosslinker can be added to restore activity once

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