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I have attached a photo of one of the oak cabinets unpainted (#1), painted WITHOUT Aqua Coat (#2), and then one WITH the Aqua Coat (#3).
cabinet door before     cabinet door painted no grain filler     cabinet door painted with grain filler
I will be honest with you, as I was painting the cabinet after using 3 coats of the Aqua Coat, I didn't think it was making much of a difference. Boy, was I wrong! When I compared the cabinets side by side, it was a HUGE difference. The finish is smooth. It made a tremendous difference. As much as I like to complete projects as quickly as possible, patience is key to ensuring the best outcome. The product did surprisingly well. I am very pleased.
Bridget Childs


I have found Aquacoat to be the best pore filler for me. I wanted a clear filler to enhance the beauty of the wood. I had used clear epoxy before, however Aquacoat does such a great job. It dries much faster than epoxy. I haven’t had any problems with shrink back and it is much easier to sand. Saving time and less work has made Aquacoat my go-to pore filler.

Paul Levine, Levine Handcrafted Guitars, Los Angeles, CA




I have used Aquacoat grain filler on several projects and have gotten very nice results.Thanks for putting out such a necessary product!
Joshua B. (major woodworking supply store)


My students and I like the Aqua Coat Lacquer due to the eco friendliness, and the quick dry time. It wet sands nicely and coats in 3 coats.
Mark K., Pennsylvania


One important thing to me re your putty is the ability it has in taking a dye to match a project's color. Yours is the best yet.
John C, Texas


I would like to complement you on both your product and the expert advice you offer. I recently finished a dresser and for the finish I used Aqua-Thane Clear Top Coat. It came out way better than the professional coating I had previously paid for on other projects. I used a sprayer and not only did it come out GREAT but it was very easy to use. I was able to use the Aqua-Thane right out of the bottle with no thinning or other gyrations. It was simple easy and above all, it looks like a pro did it! If you’re an amateur like me, you owe it to yourself and your project to use Aqua-Thane. If you’re a pro then this finish will save you time and make you more money on every build.
Denny Steele

Years ago we had brick pavers put on the floor in our house. The installer never showed up to seal the pavers and we didn’t know what to use or how to do it, so the bricks just got dirtier every year. Finally we met someone who assured us they could clean up our pavers and seal them for us. We were delighted and spend a lot of money to get this done.

We were thrilled…the floor looked gorgeous. Shortly thereafter, our beautiful finish started to turn milky and wear off in places with high traffic. What we ended up with was an ugly, splotchy white substance on our pavers. Of course the guy who did it disappeared.  Not knowing what to do, we tried everything to remove this awful stuff. Nothing worked.

We lived with this mess for a few more years. After I retired last year, I decided to tackle the problem. I used an industrial sander to remove most of the old finish, even though some of it still remains on the grout. Bubrick pavers floort anything would be an improvement. After cleaning up the pavers as best I could, I found Aqua Coat, and purchased Aqua-Thane Gloss online. It went on smoothly, and immediately I was encouraged. I used two coats and waited to see if it would turn milky like the last coating. After a few days I was so pleased…after six months, I an ecstatic! The finish is beautiful, and tough. The floor looks 500% better. If we had used Aqua Coat at the beginning, our floor would have been flawless. With bits of the old finish still in the grout, and the accumulation of dirt through the years, the floor still looks unbelievably good.

Now we are building a home office and I am ordering more Aqua Coat for the new floor of brick pavers. I am excited to see what a brand new brick paver floor can look like. Thank you, Aqua Coat, for an outstanding and reliable product.

Susan Hunter,
Selma, Alabama 


When I started my refinishing business 23 years ago, water-based finishes were just becoming popular. After some research I decided to try Aqua Coat. I’ve been happy ever since. It dries quickly which helps me speed up my production times, making my business better. It is also easy to use, easy to touch up and easy to clean up.

The quality of my pieces is every bit as good as if not superior to those using solvent based products.

Beside the obvious reasons, Aqua Coat has other benefits. Because of the safety factor of water based products there was absolutely no issues underwriting my insurance policy. Not to mention the city fire department inspection is less intrusive and the visits are short and sweet.

All these factors are important to me as a business owner. I highly recommend Aqua Coat and will be using it for another 23 years. 

Larry McCoy, LDM                      

For the last 14 years I have been using Aqua Coat products after spraying conversion varnish made by some of the largest names in finishing products.

I decided to use water base finishes because I was worried about the health problems with solvent base products after watching the low quality of life several friends experienced in retirement after a career in cabinet finishing.

After sampling the name brand water base products I found Aqua Coat and have never looked back. Aqua Coat gives me an all water base system that allows me to create my own stain colors and decorative finishes. With dry times similar to conversion varnish and the dramatically lower cost to spray area infrastructure it enables me to provide superior finish quality at a competitive cost. And that is in addition to the health and comfort advantages.

Another advantage is the ease of use compared to solvent base systems. From clean up to touch up, Aqua Coat finishes are easy to use and work with.

Dan Tomczek
Pres., Daniel J. Tomczek Inc.

Aqua Coat has proven to be an exceptional vendor for us. The consistency of their product quality and their find-a-way attitude to help us complete our orders on-time makes them not only our go-to vendor but our partner in business. We endeavor to build win/win relationships with our client base and having Aqua Coat as a component in that plan, we believe, gives us the winning edge.
Jodi Weier
General Manager, Dufeck Manufacturing

We used Aqua Coat Grain Filler on 2 guitars that were made from "The Tree" and it worked perfectly. Love the product.
Ray Boyda
Ribbecke Guitar Co.

Aqua Coat is a safe, reliable product that we are happy to use. It is environmentally friendly and has consistently provided us with a wonderful finish.
Felicia Ryan
ROM Woodworking

I am a longtime user of Aqua Coat products. The durability and ease of use are just the beginning for these professional products. These are the most forgiving finishes I have ever used. And the intermixing stains are a must when matching existing finishes.
Troy Eshleman
Land Run Legacies LLC

I've been in the custom woodworking business for 20 years. I've used just about every type of sprayable and brush-able material out there. Finally I've found a product that's safe and easy to use, and can keep up with the old tried and true solvent base products that have been around for over a hundred years. I love Aqua Coat products and have been using them for over 15 years.
Nick Ferber
Ferber Cabinet Workz
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